Food I can live with

Do you know where your food comes from? What chemicals have been used to get it to the table? How long ago it was actually picked and what nutrients it actually has in it?

I believe that if I can walk out my door, pick my food off a plant that I know is chemical free, pull it from the ground that I have prepared, that I know is rich living soil, that it will be nutrient rich and good for me and my family.

If there is a little wind damage on the apple, a few small holes in the spinach leaves, if I have to cut off a bit of a carrot because a mole enjoyed the end or perhaps sacrifice half a fig because the birds just could not resist, I can live with that. That, is food I can live with.

If you share that dream, then I would like to inspire you to grow your own food, that is not going to harm, but rather protect our environment, and more importantly your family.