The Big Idea

We are converting our garden into a food forest, a place where we can walk out of our door, and harvest food year round. We are still learning, one never stops. We make mistakes, that is how we learn. We are not naive to think we can be self sufficient. We know it is not always easy, but we believe the rewards are worth it.

We would like to invite you to join us for some experiences, where we chat, hopefully learn, be inspired, share ideas but mostly move towards growing and enjoying our own food.

There might also be some stuff for sale on the day, be it produce, plants, bulbs or seeds.

Garden Experiences

Join us in our garden for a few hours, where you can sign up for a garden experience. Hopefully you will get inspired to grow your own food, regardless of how much space you have. Perhaps change your mindset about certain aspects of gardening and leave with a new view of food you can live with.

Each day has a brief explanation of our no dig, organic, permaculture based, growing soil not plants, concept of food growth. A quick tour of the garden and then some focused time on a specific, often seasonal topic for the day. Tea and Coffee is served and we always hope that there will be a little something that we can eat out of the garden. Questions are always welcome.

Kitchen Experiences

If you are growing your own food, one hopes some of it makes it into the kitchen. Now while we are in no way chefs, we thought it might be fun having some days where we just work in the kitchen, providing experiences that perhaps will inspire you to plant more food.

While the day may be mostly in the Kitchen there might be a little time to wander around the garden. Questions are always welcome.