On Demand Experience

There are a number of the Garden and Kitchen Experiences which could be requested at any time of the year. Depending on your group size, you could then book a weekday morning to enjoy the experience, presuming we are available. This could be great for a group of friends, gardening club, moms group or even a corporate team event. You can get in touch on the Contact Form.

How big is your group?
3 – 7: Sorry, but this is just not economical to run as an exclusive group. However get in touch, and we can look at opening up a public experience you can attend. Perhaps you get lucky and no-one else comes.
8-15: This is a great group size and we look forward to hosting your experience and chatting about what you hope to get out of it.
16-20: This is starting to get a bit big and will limit which experiences are available, alternatively we can just create two separate dates.

Discounts are available for groups 13+