We would love to connect with you, and although our time is limited, we will do our best to get in touch. The best would be to send a message on our Contact Form, which will then start a conversation on email.

Alternatively you can also like us on our Facebook Page and interact with us there. We try to keep the posts to one or two per week, some of which are pictures from our Instagram account which feeds through to our Facebook Page.

If you are not a Facebook fan, but enjoy Instagram you can also follow us from there, where I try to put up a photo each week of something inspiring, amazing, or just beautiful that is happening in the garden. The Instagram feed is also at the bottom of each page on the website if you are just into the pretty pictures.

Finally if you would like to come and work with us, we do offer homestay working holidays through HelpX. Please use that platform to apply to volunteer with us.