For Sale

Fruit and Nuts

We use dried fruit and nuts as a part of our daily diets and are able to offer them for sale, at prices that make sense. It is important to note that we buy these in from a wholesaler, and thus their growth, post treatment and packaging are out of our hands. However, the same can be said for most other products you purchase in the shops. In the listing we put down anything we view as relevant, to ensure you are as informed as possible when making your purchase. We will give a full refund for for products returned within a week should you be unhappy, except of course if you have eaten most of the bag.
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Winter and Spring bulbs

There is something magical about a plant that hides away underground in the heat of summer to the struggle and break free of the soil in the winter or spring.  Bulbs offered all require no watering and will go through their full life cycle, flowering beautifully, with the natural Western Cape rains. They feed the soil food web in a time when other things struggle to grow, and then die back, providing mulch for the oncoming summer heat, feeding the soil. All bulbs sold are harvested at the end of the growing season, naturally dried and stored for sale. Bulbs sold during the active growing season require immediate planting.
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We offer small packs of seed, that are either saved from our own seed saving efforts, or are repackaged from one of the heirloom seed suppliers to give you the opportunity to try a new variety without having to buy a full bag.

Water Wise Plants

Remember that the ground should be covered, all the time, and if possible with plants, as this feeds the soil food web, keeps the ground cooler and softer. For those hot parts of the garden, where you are unable to grow water hungry plants year round the bulbs above and these water wise plants will survive the rigours of the Western Cape Summers.
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Edible plants

There are loads of good heirloom seed distributors out there, but sometimes it is nice to have a grown on plant, especially those hard to find ones. If I have struggled to find a plant, then I try hard to make it available here, and occasionally I have a few extras of the more common stuff.

Fruit trees and Vines

There are some really good nurseries out there who provide excellent fruit trees, and are really worth a visit. However certain trees and vines grown from seed, still provide excellent quality fruit, especially for the home gardener who is willing to wait a bit, and for whom marketability or time to market are not important. There are also some varieties, really hard to find in main stream nurseries, perhaps we just grew some for fun and some just give us new plants to bless us.
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