There is something magical about a plant that hides away underground in the heat of summer to the struggle and break free of the soil in the winter or spring. Bulbs offered all require no watering and will go through their full life cycle, flowering beautifully, with the natural Western Cape rains. They feed the soil food web in a time when other things struggle to grow, and then die back, providing mulch for the oncoming summer heat, feeding the soil. All bulbs sold are harvested at the end of the growing season, naturally dried and stored for sale. Bulbs sold during the active growing season require immediate planting.

Snowflakes (Leucojum sp.) – 10 Bulbs – R20
Bare root for immediate transplant – June through August
Dry Bulbs – September through May

Description: They have small white flowers against thin deep green strappy leaves and are the first of the spring flowers to appear bringing a bit of early life to the garden. They die back fairly early leaving space for the summer flowers to come through.
Planting: Dry Bulb – March to June. Bare root immediately on purchase.Top of bulb 2.5cm below soil. Plant in clumps.
Position: They grow well in full sun, but can also grow in partial shade, although the foliage can get long.
Care: Virtually none. They grow with the winter rains and then are dying back once the heat of summer arrives. Allow leaves to die on the plant for best results. The bulbs do clump up, so lifting every 3 to 5 years might be neccessary to divide and replant.
Fertilization: None. You can give compost or balanced fertilizer each autumn.