Fruit and Nuts

We use dried fruit and nuts as a part of our daily diets and are able to offer them for sale, at prices that make sense. It is important to note that we buy these in from a wholesaler, and thus their growth, post treatment and packaging are out of our hands. However, the same can be said for most other products you purchase in the shops. In the listing we put down anything we view as relevant, to ensure you are as informed as possible when making your purchase. We will give a full refund for for products returned within a week should you be unhappy, except of course if you have eaten most of the bag.

All products are packaged in plastic and sold in 500g bags. All products are made in a factory that uses tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, soya, gluten and sulphites.

Almond Nuts (Raw) – R95.00
For us Almonds are associated with Christmas baking. The kids call them brown nuts, and they are great for snacking and baking alike. Honey roasted almonds would be my favourite way of eating them.
Country of Origin: South Africa

Cashew Nuts (Roasted and Salted) – Out of Stock
In our house they are called banana nuts, alluding to the shape of course. They do not last long. They are my favourite nut, I think it is the creamy texture that gets me every time.
Country of Origin: Mozambique
Other: Sunflower oil and salt.

Pecan Nut Halves (Raw) – R110.00
These are usually quite hard for us to get hold of, but so excited to have these in the house. The softness of Pecans makes them more versatile than most other nuts. Great in salads, breakfasts, lunchboxes. I just need to learn to make a great pecan nut pie.
Country of Origin: USA

Coconut Flakes (Raw) – R40
These are new for our family, but are a large contributor to our home made , no grain, Breakfast cereal. We would be open to new ideas of how to use this, and will continue exploring the options.
Country of Origin: Sri Lanka.

Cranberries- R50
Dried cranberries are a versatile favourite in our household. They go into muffins, seedbars, nut mixes, or just as they are. The sweet tart flavour are a real explosion in the mouth.  Love them.
Country of Origin: USA
Other: Added sugar and polished in sunflower oil

Dates – R20
Whole dry dates already pitted. Great for making energy bars with the Seed Mix. Presuming you haven’t eaten the bag while making them. I just can not stop.
Country of Origin: Iran

Mango Strips – R105
I am not going to tell you that our family fights over these tropical delights, nor that certain members of the family have been known to squirrel them away for late night feasts. Suffice to say, these are usually the bags that get finished first.
Country of Origin: South Africa
Preservative: Sulphur dioxide

Raisins Jumbo Seedless – R20
Ubiquitous kitchen supplies. What more to say.
Country of Origin: South Africa
Other: Polished in sunflower oil

Jungle MixJungle Mix – R50
A mix of dried fruit and nuts containing diced apricot, banana chips, cashews, peanuts, pineapple, papaya and raisins. Great for road trips, school lunchboxes or just snacking straight out of the bag.
Country of Origin: South Africa, Phillipines, Mozambique, Thailand, China.
Allergens: Peanuts and Cashews.
Preservative: Sulphur dioxide

Seed Mix – Out of Stock
Mix of linseed, sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Great for baking bread and making energy bars.
Country of Origin: South Africa