Fruit Trees and Vines

So we are all about growing your own food. By God’s grace we do have some excess plants from time to time, or perhaps we have actively cultivated some of the harder to find plants or varieties that are not always easy to come by. If we are selling it here, then you know that we are actively using these plants as part of our food production.

Banana – Lady Fingers – R100
Rooted Pup in 5L container – Limited availabilty – September through May
Lady Finger BananaThe parent stock of these bananas, actually travelled with us from KwaZulu-Natal, where they were a favourite in the community we lived. We love these small bananas for two reasons. The flavour is amazing, super sweet and they ripen on the plant. We just cut a hand or two off each week. About 60 bananas on a bunch. You can not get this variety in the stores. The second is that they last. Even when the skin is black, they do not degrade and give that ‘old banana’ flavour that the store bought varieties do. About 3 weeks of heaven for our family.