Water Wise Plants

Remember that the ground should be covered, all the time, and if possible with plants, as this feeds the soil food web, keeps the ground cooler and softer. For those hot parts of the garden, where you are unable to grow water hungry plants year round the bulbs above and these water wise plants will survive the rigours of the Western Cape Summers.

Bulbine frutescens – 10 Starts – R10
Yellow Starts – Currently Available
Orange Starts – Out of Stock

Description: Indigenous, succulents with beautiful, intricate yellow flowers, that create spreading clumps. Juice from the leaf is also a great healer for burns and bites.
Planting: Planting starts March to June will result in them being set to withstand the summer. Planting at other times of the year will require watering until established. To create a clump quickly plant 5cm apart. To cover larger area plant 20cm apart to close up within a year or two. Cover stem with soil upto first set of leaves.
Position: They grow best in full sun, and can get untidy in the shade.
Care: Virtually none. Once established they require no watering. Leaves will turn grey then red when water stressed, or water once a month to keep them green. When plants become long and untidy, just pull off new starts, no need to be gentle, and replant. Discard the old roots
Fertilization: None required.