What are we growing?

*** Please note this page is currently in creation and added to regularly. ***

We grow a wide variety of food, part of the environmental nature of The Jungle House. We focus on perennials and include self seeding annuals, which essentially act like perennials. This page gives an idea of what we’r are growing and what is possible. In brackets is the variety and if applicable the first year it fruited.

Currently cropping – so while this might not be tons of produce, we figure these crops are mature and we get a crop each year.

Apple (Fuji 2017) – while still young, am so enjoying this tree. Seemingly little pest problems, although had worrying die back in one of the branches. Will look to plant another apple.

Apricot (2016) – These mature trees are becoming monsters in the garden with incredible growth rates. We summer and winter prune to reduce vigour. Pollination and fruit set are good. Fruit fly is a huge problem which we are still dealing with.

Banana (Lady Finger 2015) – one of the first things we’re planted our banana circle does really well cropping each year. It has thrived since the addition of the grey water from our bathrooms. Seemingly pest free it is very low maintenance and a double crop with both the banana and banana flowers being harvested. We will be trying the banana stems in future.

Cape Gooseberries (Self seeded 2016) – These self seed throughout the garden but crops are mainly taken from three older plants that are in strategic locations. They fruit through most of the year, and also can be used as a shady understory plant. The slight aphid or worm damage to the fruit is minimal and easily eliminated at harvest.

Daylilies (seven, mostly nameless, varieties 2017) – Always a surprise for visitors. They provide a supply of sweet, juicy flowers for months through the summer, when lettuce is bitter and bolting. Pick them in the evening if the kids have not eaten them first.

Dragon fruit (Red skin / white flesh 2018) – could barely contain my excitement on eating our first one. Stops growing in the heat. Bit of rust in the wet winter. Snails very fond of it, although they will not kill a mature plant.

Fig (Deanne 2017) – This tree is going from strength to strength. Still learning when to pick the two crops we get each year.

Purslane (Self seeding annual weed 2018) – a real find after realizing it is edible. Generally harvest it from wild plants, although do transplant it around the garden from time to time.

Wild or Society garlic (Indigenous 2011) – inherited from the previous owner, wild garlic still thrives in the garden, and with a little care, provides loads of garlic leaves and flowers through the summer months.

Almost there – we have high hopes for these crops, they are still young and need some time, but we see no reason why they should not succeed.

Almond (Non-Parellel 2016 and Texas 2017) – Growing really well, especially the Non-Parellel. Although both have given their first nuts, it seems that we are underfruiting for the volume of flowers we are getting.

Cherries (Early Sweet 2019 and Lupin 2019) – Searched for plants for years and finally supplied by a dear friend. People say they will not fruit in Cape Town. I hope to prove them wrong.

Clementine (unknown 2017) – Growing well but could probably do with some sun to induce flowering.

Fig (Parisianne 2018) – planted as a very small tree. We will most likely end up removing one of the apricots to give this enough room to grow. No figs to date

Kei apple (Indigenous 2018) – these four trees are destined to make a thorny hedge, just hope that the nursery had the sense to graft females and not males.

Lemon (Lisbon 2017) – has started flowering but still awaiting fruit set. We might very lucky this year with our first fruit.

Lemon (from seed 2017) – slow growing but doing well despite tortoises and shade. Expecting it to take off soon.

Macadamia (Beaumont 2017) – sadly this slow growing tree is many years off from producing, but does very well in it’s shady spot.

Mulberry (Wild 2017) – Still waiting to see if this is a male or female. Attempted my first graft 2019, but did not take. Will try again. Growing well.

Naartjie (Nova 2017) – has started flowering but still awaiting fruit set. We might very lucky this year with our first fruit.

Olives (Mission 2017 and Frantoio 2017) – while we have had one fruit of the Frantoio, the trees are still young, getting to much shade and plagued by olive beetles, which really hammer the leaves.

Orange ( Valencia 2017) – Growing well but could probably do with some sun to induce flowering.

Passion Fruit or Granadilla (from seed 2018) – I have really struggled with these, young plants have been very susceptible to the ravages of animals mostly my tortoises. However we finally have one above head height and hope to get fruit this year.

Pears (Bon Cretin and Forelle 2016) – These are my espalier experiment, love watching them grow. Have flowered once but struggling with the shade and one of the brown scale. Am hopeful.

Pomegranate (Wonderful 2016) – While growing well we are still awaiting the first flowers. Perhaps a bit more sun would help.

Plum (Santa Rosa 2017 and Cherry 2019) – Both growing well, although could probably enjoy a bit more sun. Although we had

Prune (van der Merwe 2016) – Quite slow growing although doing ok. Still no flowers, but might appreciate more sun.

Raspberry (Meeker 2015) – We have just not found the right place for these. Each year we manage to get one or two berries, but they really are under performing. Currently in their second position, it feels as though they are just too hot with the flowers almost burning off each year. Pollination might also be an issue.

We have a problem – these plants are not doing well despite attention. Hopefully there is something we will learn here.

Grapefruit (Ruby 2017) – After turning yellow in its first year, it had minimal leaf growth yet puts out loads of flowers in the spring. Have thought we have lost this on numerous occasions, this year might be the year to say goodbye.

Litchi (Seed 2018) – Sadly this did not make it after such a hopeful start.

Papaya (from seed) – have never managed to get this beyond the first year. Snails can eat a knee height plant to the ground in a matter of days. Will keep trying.

Pineapples (store bought tops 2019) – Although starting these has never been a problem getting them to grow on had failed. Possibly the hot dry summers. Currently trialing them in the new wicking bed.

Dreaming – there are so many crops out there that we would love to grow. Some we need to be realistic about our chances, while others we might be pushing the boundaries a bit. This includes some plants that are still in pots, seed packets or so new in the ground that we still have to see how they respond.

Avocado (Fuerte 2019) – A bit nervous about our clay soil, but hopefully we have done enough soil preparation to succeed. First three years will be the test.

Dragon fruit (Yellow skin 2019) – A chance find and have actually never even tried the fruit. New in ground.

Kiwi – Still in pots as their permanent home is not ready yet. Have been looking for these for three years, so excited about the possibilities. Nervous about the Spring winds.

Annuals – While we aim at perennials and self seeding annuals, we, like others, grow ‘normal’ vegetables. It is the place where most people start, and can grasp the easiest before taking on a food forest.

Summer Bush Bean (Roquefort) – we have been growing this yellow Bush bean for many years now. We eat it mostly fresh and I just stick it in wherever I can find a gap. Essentially a filler crop, sometimes getting 3 – 4 plantings a season. We save our own seed and sell some each year.

Winter broad bean (Aquadulce) – Amazing bean for the winter rainfall region. Plant in April, forget about them and harvest in The Spring. Cared for by mother nature herself.